Meet our two latest cubs. Sofi, on the left, was found only about 400m from our house but we have no idea how she lost Mum. Noelle came to us all the way from Peterborough in England as no-one was able to take her in. They are both doing well and are in a nursery pen together - they are the best of friends.

Happy Christmas

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Santa is good to you.

Check out our Blog to read about the new cub in the sanctuary.


Our good friend Doug Lapsley from Citrus Media has designed a fun game called “Santa saves Christmas” which you can download here free

Doug is responsible for designing our website and so we are sure you will have a lot of fun playing it.

Watch a mum otter and her two cubs having fun

We have some remote camera traps set up on Skye so that we can monitor the otters there.  Today we checked and got some great footage of the two cubs playing while their mum slept.  Check it out on YOUTUBE

Only 18 days to go!

Yes, there are only 18 days left for you to submit something for the Otter Oscars.  You can enter a photo you have taken, a picture you have made, a poem or story you have written, or ANYTHING you have done for otters.  Look in one of our earlier posts below for categories.

Maybe you raised funds for the otters - tell us about it or send us photos.  We want everyone to be able to go for an award so click here for more the application form.

If you aren't sure, just send an email to


Calling all you budding artists, poets, writers ... Anyone who cares about otters and wants to do something positive to help.

We would love to see your drawings, paintings, poems, stories and you could be one of the first ever Otter Oscar winners.  Find out more HERE and submit an application HERE.

You have until 28 November to become an Otter STAR

Win an Otter Oscar

As part of the Year of the Otter, IOSF is launching new awards for outstanding achievements in otter conservation worldwide.  These awards  called the "Otter Oscars" are open to all and will be presented annually beginning in December 2016.  The categories for the awards are:

Children – Open to anyone aged 12 years or under (as at 1 December 2016).  This can include any activity aimed to promote otter conservation such as artwork, writing, fundraising, etc

Young People – Open to anyone from 13 – 18 years (as at 1 December 2016).  This can include any activity aimed to promote otter conservation such as artwork, writing, fundraising, etc

Group/Organisation – For example school, natural history group, Scouts/Guides, etc.

Community Achievement – Any activity which involves local communities in otter conservation.  This can be in the form of practical work, education, etc.

Research – Open to amateur or professional researchers.  The research must have taken place during 2016, although ongoing projects may be submitted.  Any projects must not involve any procedure which is invasive or in any other way harms the animal.  The project may involve animals in the wild or in captivity but this must be made clear in the application.

Photography – Open to amateur or professional photographers.  All photos must have been taken during 2016 and entries must indicate where and when it was taken, and if the photo was taken in the wild or in captivity.  Photos may also include habitat or otter signs.

Special Award – Open to anyone who has made a lifelong commitment to otter conservation or for an activity which does not fit into any other category

Applications/nominations can be made in more than one category and Children and Young People can also enter other categories.

If you wish to apply or nominate someone for an award, please complete the online form by 1 November 2016.  Results will be announced on 1 December 2016.


Come on all you Team Otter fans.  Get involved in this special Year of the Otter.  We want everyone to be involved and we will post things here for you to do. 

But we know you have lots of ideas on how you can get more people to help otters.  You can raise money, or tell your friends, write poems, make pictures.  All sorts of things. 

We love to hear from you so contact us at


Meet our latest cub

This is Machair.  She was found at New Year on the Isle of North Uist, off the West coast of Scotland.  Isn't she gorgeous!  She weighs just over 600gm but is eating well so should soon start putting on weight.  You can follow her progress on the IOSF Blog

This is our winner of the colouring competition. Well done Holly. We were delighted with the number of entries and it was really very difficult to choose a winner. So we decided to send everyone an "I Love Otters" badge. Keep your eyes open for the next competition.

Enter our fun competition in the October school holidays

This picture is part of a great activity pack called "Fun with Sophie the Sea Otter and Ricky the River otter", which has been produced by the Oceanographic Environmental Research Society.  We would love you to colour this and send it in to win a great prize.  The winner can choose from a book or your very own IOSF cuddly otter.  For young children you can have a book called "The otter who loved to hold hands", or for those slightly older you may like "Little by little" about an otter learning to swim, or for the oldest there is a book called "Otter chaos".

We are sure you will have fun with this and then you can download the whole activity book FREE here.

Send your entries to or post to IOSF, 7 Black Park, Broadford, Isle of Skye, IV49 9DE, Scotland to arrive by Friday 11 December 2015


Otter News

This page will keep you up to date with all ottery news.  You can also check out the IOSF Blog and our monthly e-updates.

And we would love to hear from you.  Send us your poems, pictures and ottery news and tell us what YOU would like to see on your website.  We will add them to Your Page.  Email us at


So what are YOU going to do to help otters on International Otter Awareness Day - 27 May 2015?

Have a look here for some Otterley Great Ideas


27 MAY is the International Otter Awareness Day and we need your help in telling as many people as possible about otters and how important they are.  Maybe you could:

  • Have an otter themed party
  • Arrange an otterly fantastic treasure hunt
  • Make some cakes and sell them to friends at school - ask your teacher first!
  • Have a sponsored silence, or walk, or swim
  • Create some ottery pictures or other artwork

If you need more ideas have a look here

So get your thinking hats on and come up with something otterly brilliant.  But remember always to check with your parents first.

And do tell us what you are planning so that we can publicise it on our website

Caption Competition winner

We were delighted with all the entries for the caption competition which made it difficult 
to choose a winner.

But in the end the entry by Robyn Stickney of Surrey won the 14yrs and under group with:

"Look, there's a photo of Great Uncle Oscar!"

Merry Christmas to you all!


Caption Competition

Have a look at this great photo of Wolfgang and his otter, Nemo.  What do you think Nemo is thinking? 

Why don't you enter our Caption Competition and you could win a lovely cuddly plush otter soft toy, just in time for Christmas.

To enter click here

We look forward to receiving your entries.

Competition closes by 9am on 18 December.

Competition winner

Well done Gracieana Milgate from Northampton.  Gracieana is 8 years old and sent us this lovely picture and poem.  In case you can't read the poem in the picture it says:

Otters can be grey

They swim in the day

They play in the waves

and they sleep in the caves

They eat lots of fish

but they don't need a dish.Big Grin


More competition entries

Here is a picture by Oliver Thompson, from Swansea, who is also aged 8.


Alicia Nicholds from Dudley, aged 11, sent us this poem:

In the sea I suddenly spot, a miniature brown dot.

When I lean forward and squint, my head says take the hint.

It is brown furry and in the sea, its an Otter I see before me!


The creature's head turns and at me he looks, so in my hand I check in my books.

By the photos and colours in front of me, finding him is easy.

He is a Sea Otter!


Then the Otter dove into the deep blue ocean,

everything was calm and silent absolutely no commotion.


The lights in a nearby boat went dim,

The man stepped out of the cabin and walked along the pier.

He saw me and said hello my name is Tim.

I replied and said have a good day, then he walked away.


When I turned back the Otter had emerged.

A clam he held in his hand.

I watched him from the land.


He swam over to Tim's boat and hit the clam on it.

I saw the shell crack a little bit.

He hit it again, success with this one.

He ate the insides and then he was gone. Wild


Varun Jha from New Delhi in India is 15 and he sent us this email:

Here's a poem I wrote for nature....Hope u like the poem...the poem I wrote is very near to my heart....I love otters such a cute, innocent animal killed for greed by us.   Hope IOSF works more for saving otters help their number increase on planet earth.


There is a pleasure in the pathless woods;

There is a rapture on the lonely shores;

There is society, where none intrudes;

By the deep sea, and music in its roar:

I love not humans the less, but Nature more......


Thank you Varun, that is beautiful and we will certainly keep working to help otters.  It is great to see you are so passionate about otters and nature. Wow





Competition time

There is still time to use your summer break to do something for otters and enter our competition.  There are loads of things you can do with your friends – sponsored swim, ottery picnic, treasure hunt. You may like to create a picture or write a poem or story. You may even manage to take a brilliant photo of an otter while you are on holiday. If you want more ideas check out the IOSF's website

Let us know what you are doing for otters and you could WIN a book of your choice from our extensive range of children’s otter-themed books. The prize will be awarded to the most original, fun or creative idea or activity. And there will be an “I love otters” badge for everyone who enters the competition.

So send us your poems, pictures and photos of your event by Monday 1st September 2014 and the prize winner will be announced on Friday 5th September 2014. 

Send your entries to and don’t forget to include your name, age, address and email.

Entrants should be 16yrs or under.  

You can find more information on otters at the IOSF website.

Support us at the Ottershop