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Diego André Flores Ovando, aged 8

As part of World Otter Day Aurora Zoo, Guatemala, held a 2 day event to celebrate the species. As part of the event they ran an artwork competition and this was the winner by Diego André Flores Ovando, aged 8.

What a superb piece of ottery art!

Artwork all the way from Tanzania

Aizaki Mazifedha

Ana Domian

John Mapunda

Cara Beaver, aged 10

This great picture was actually handed to us personally by Cara. Cara has adopted an otter and has plans to sell some cakes to raise awareness for IOSF and the work it is doing.

Thanks Cara, keep up the good work!

Family effort!

Isla may have been the star with her poem but that didn't stop Mum, Dad and little sister Gracie trying to better her artwork! Here is all of the Caddell's efforts





Raasay Primary School's Artwork

Nelly Blair, Primary 5

Tabitha Carslaw, Primary 6

Thomas Gillies, Primary 4

Tamsin Cheshire, Primary 1

Noah Carslaw, Primary 4

Hamish Blair, Primary 2

Nelly Blair, Primary 5

Calum Duncan, Primary 1

Ryan Mackinnon, aged 5

This drawing was sent in by Ryan Mackinnon, from Broadford, Isle of Skye.

Thanks Ryan!


Another one of our favourite drawings was a mother and son effort. Sebastian and his mother, from Guatemala, produced this drawing of an otter with the heading "Protejamos a las nutrias" which translates to "Protect the otters"

No matter what language, I think we all agree with Sebastian's message.

Thanks Sebastian!

And here is Sebastian himself with his orange "paw"


Megan Bradford

This beautiful picture was drawn by Megan Bradford, aged 11, from Edinburgh.

Thanks for sending us the picture Megan, keep drawing and sending us your great artwork!

What do you call a mustelid that blows it's nose?

  • A snotter!Wild


Thanks to the Lapsley family for the joke!

🥇Guatemala Prize🥇

Thanks to the Aurora Zoo we were able to offer a special prize for entrants from Guatemala. We had 8 entrants and the winner was Javier Alejandro Cifuentes, aged 11. We hope you enjoy your free trip to the zoo Javier!

Thanks for all the kids from Guatemala for their entries. Keep an eye on this website to see if your picture makes it onto the page! 

🥇1st place🥇

And the winner of IOSF's artwork competition, beating entries from all over the world, is Grace Maclean, aged 10, from Scotland with her beautiful drawing of a swimming otter! Grace has won an Otter shrinkles kit.

Congratulations to Grace and a massive thank you for all your amazing entries!

🥈2nd place🥈

In second place and the winner of the soft cuddly otter is Alexis Keri-Nagy, aged 5, from England.

🥉3rd place🥉

We have a tie for 3rd place between:

Isla Caddell, aged 7 from Scotland. We particularly liked Isla's poem which reads:

"Otters are clever,
Otters are funny,
They can swim on their backs
And eat off their tummys!"

Well done Isla


And Sidath, aged 6, from Canada for his "Otter family"

Meet Daniel MacAlpine

"My toy otter and I went on quite an adventure this summer, travelling all over Scotland. Check out the photos of us on our travels!"

Daniel even entered IOSF's childrens artwork competition!


Daniel at Glasgow's children hospital Dunvegan castle, Isle of Skye..

..Isle of Lewis..

..he even visited IOSF HQ in Broadford, Isle of Skye..

..and Daniel's competition entry!

A Japanese otter?

This lovely picture was done by Poppy Muir from Broadford Primary School here on the Isle of Skye. 


Japanese otters had all died out by the 1990s and they are now looking to bring them back.  The school had a visit by one of the people who is working to bring them back to Japan as he came to Skye to see how they live in the wild.


Otter Family

Hilary Kulas, 12, from Australia, sent us this photo of her otter family.  Thanks Hilary.