Week 3

This week Team Otter Broadford learned more about otters specifically, playing a specialised ottery board game. During the game the children learned about aspects that affect otters, answered questions and learned the importance of otters having good, healthy prey.

They also learned about some effects that we are having on our natural world - plastic pollution. This helped the children understand the difference that THEY can make!

Team Otter member Ben also told us all about his favourite animal - the Snow Leopard!

Week 1 + 2

The Team Otter club in Broadford has started. During our first 2 weeks as a club we have learned all about the basics of wildlife, otters and planned what we are going to do! We also got the listen to our first presentation on our favourite animals, starting with leaders Ben and Orca Whales!

We have started designing our Team Otter logo, our litter bag and started drawing pictures to help with our animal identification during trips outside!