Otters are notoriously reclusive and hard to find. You may need some practice before you go and find them in the wild.

There are videos and pictures to find otters. Can you find them all?

DJ and Louis

Can you find both DJ and Louis during their release? It's hard but shows how amazing otters are at hiding!

Aeris - Where are you?

Can you spot Aeris in her hiding place?


IOSF's otter cub Mel is very shy, can you spot where she is hiding?

10 second challenge!

You have 10 seconds to find the otter before it shows everyone where it is!
┬ęSarah Corrigall

How many otters are in this picture?

Where is it?

This one is hard!

Otters often like to swim around kelp and seaweed where they are particularly camouflage. Can you spot this otter?

Can you find her?

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