Where has IOSF helped?
The IOSF has been directly involved in otter projects around the world, in over 60 countries. This map shows exactly where the IOSF has helped. (mapchart.net)

The International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) was set up in 1993 to help to protect all the world's otters - from the smallest Asian small-clawed otter found in most of Asia to the giant otter of South America.

We have many activities:

Otter hospital

We have a specialist otter hospital on the Isle of Skye.  Here we have cared for over 200 orphaned and injured otters from all over the UK and Ireland. 

We also help people working with other species of otter all over the world such as Mazu, pictured, from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


We visit schools and do regular field courses. 

These are the children of Keenagh primary school, County Longford, in Ireland.

Research in the Uk

We study population, diet and how to stop otters being killed on the road. 

Here you can see a wildlife warning reflector by the side of the road.

Work worldwide

We help people working on all 13 species of otter in the world. That means research, reducing the illegal trade and education. 

Here we are in Tanzania on one of our workshops around the word. These workshops have taken place in a number of countries worldwide aimed at training locals in conservation, law enforcement and public awareness.

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